Familjen Stjärnkrans

Earthly and Locally Grown

Welcome to us

Vår Gård Rubbatorp is a small family business in the middle of the Småland countryside that works with the brands Biskafferiet (Beekeeping), Familjen Stjärnkrans Handelsbod (Farm Stand store) and Stjärnkrans Godsaker (Waffle cafe). Therese and Tobias Stjärnkrans started up the company 2013 when we moved here. Today there are lots of bees, sheep, chickens, geese, cows, dog, and cats on the farm. The farm is located in the southern part of Alvesta municipality outside Lönashult. It is about 40 minutes drive south of Växjö or 40 minutes drive north of Älmhult.

Our Farm stand shop Handelsbod is open every day between 8-21 and here you can find crafts and pastries, fika, and ice cream. It is a self-service shop and you can pay with cash (please bring change), credit cards, or Swish. Waffles you will find in our garden Stjärnkrans Godasaker during summer season.

About us

Our journey from living in a small-town city via the big city and out to our farm in a sparsely populated area. Our space on earth!

Vår Gård Rubbatorp
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