Familjen Stjärnkrans

Stjärnkrans Godsaker

Waffles made with love
and from scratch

Waffles in our Garden

Welcome to our home and enjoy delicious waffles, ice cream and homemade cockies. Sit down in our garden surounded by a lovely Bullerby feeling with calssic Småland farm idyll as pasture with the farm's animals.

We have both traditional Swedish waffles with homemade jam and whipped cream but also Beligan food waffles made from scratch. Several different ice cream menus with various topping when it is at its best. Enjoy the waffles together with locally produced cold drinks like apple jouce, soft drinks, and beer.

Opening hours (reservations for changes):

During winter season the waffle cafe is closed. 

Week 19-38 Saturdays and Sundays 12-18

Week 27-32 Monday, Friday, Saturdays, and Sundays 12-18

Extra Open 9 of May and 6 of June 12-18

Below you can find our menu.

Lunch Waffles

Unsweetened Belgian waffles made from scratch with eggs and then topped with various toppings. We can also offer Gluten-free waffles that can be combined with any topping like a Food Waffle.

Lunch waffle - Air dried ham with creamy feta paste 129kr

Belgian waffle with air-dried ham, feta cheese cream, tomatoes, sallat, pumpkin seeds, and Balsamico vinegar. Lactose free.

Lunch waffle - Vegetarian Beetroot with creamy feta paste 109kr

Belgian waffle with boiled beets, feta cheese cream, tomatoes, sallat, pumpkin seeds, and Balsamico vinegar. Vegetarian and Lactose-free.

Lunch waffle - Luxury Schrimps 129kr

Belgian Waffle with shrimp paste, hand-peeled luxery shrimps, sallat, caviar, and a lemon slice.

Lunch waffle - Summer breeze 129kr

Belgian waffle with cheese, dill cremé, red onion, caviar, and pickled red onoin. 

Dessert waffles

Unsweetened classic Swedish waffles without eggs and made from scratch. We can also offer gluten-free frass waffles.

Dessert - Candy special 59kr

Classic Swedish waffle with whipped cream, candy and optional topping.

Dessert - Classic Swedish waffle 59kr

Traditional Swedish waffle with whipped cream, homemade jam, seasonal berries. Also available with sugar. Lactose and egg free.

Dessert - Sweden Waffle 79kr

Classical Swedish waffle with whipped cream, homemade jam, seasonal berries, and one scope of ice cream.

Ice cream dessert

Ice cream made from Swedish cream without Palm oil. Combine with your own favorite flavors or with our recommendation. 

Dessert - chocolate delux 59SEK

Waffle cup with 3 scoops of ice cream with the taste of chocolate and butterscotch topped with chocolate sprinkles and chocolate sausce.

Dessert - Ice cream mouse 49SEK

Waffle cup with 2 scoops of ice cream with the taste of vanilla and blue berry topped with chocolate lentils, sprinkles and tofu sauce.

Dessert - Summer dream 65SEK

Ice cream dessert in glas bowl with 3 scoops of Ice cream with the taste of vanilla, strawberry and blue berry topped with whipped cream, seasonal berries and strawberry sauce.

Dessert - Rock n´roll 49SEK

Waffle cup with 2 scoops of strawberry ice cream, whipped cream and licorice topping.

Dessert - Candy spinn 39SEK

Waffle cup with 1 scoop of ice cream with blue berry and whipped cream topped with candy, sprinkles and strawberry sauce and a spinn.

Swedish Fika

We are serving Fika, Swedish Pastries, that we have made by our self here on the farm. Sometimes we get help for other local farms that helps with the Fika. Our assortment varies over the season but we are always aiming for having something that are gluten-free and lactos-free. 

To the Fika we can offer coffee, tea, localproduced juice/soda, milk, and water. 

Classical Cheescake from Småland 59kr

Award-winning classical Cheescake from Småland and the farm Härensås. Made in their own small dairy with milk from their own cows. Served slighty warm with whipped cream and homemade jam. The cheescake is gluten-free.

Farm baked Pastries

In our garden Café you can usually find:

- Sticky chocolate cake

- Chocolate balls

- Panna cotta (lactos- and gluten-free)

- Choclate Chip - Cookies

Find your way
to us 

You find the Farmers shop outside Lönashult. Follow the signs to Tollberget, the National park Åsnen, from the road 126.

It takes about 40 minutes to drive south from Växjö or 40 minutes drive north from Älmhult

Koordinater / Coordinates: 56.62275599073033, 14.547974479601015